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Budget Notice

Girard School District

Notice of Intent to Seek Exceptions

The Pennsylvania Department of Education in accordance with the Pennsylvania Taxpayer Relief Act (Act 1 of Special Session 2006), has limited the Girard School District’s real estate tax increase for the 2012-2013 fiscal year to 2.5 percent unless the voters approve a ballot question for a tax rate that exceeds the index or the School District qualifies for referendum exception(s) specified in the Act.  The School District is eligible for one or more of the exceptions listed in Act 1.

Notice is hereby given that the Girard School District intends to seek approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for referendum exceptions allowed under the Act.  The Department of Education  may schedule a hearing on this matter.  Notice of the hearing, if held, will be provided in advance by the school district.  If the exception application is approved, the funds generated by the tax increase may be used by the School District to balance its preliminary and final budgets.  The tax increase is required so that the School District can continue to provide a quality K-12 education program for its students.