Girard School District Mission:

The Girard School District Mission is to collaboratively educate all students utilizing rigorous, aligned curriculum and research-based instruction linked to a quality assessment plan created to prepare each student for the future. Our learning community will provide a rigorous educational program that:

Teaches literacy in all disciplines

Inspires intellectual curiosity

Develops integrity and personal responsibility

Encourages a global perspective

Fosters the emotional, social and physical well –being of each person

                     …ultimately prepares students to become capable of improving the world in which they will live.

Girard School District Vision

Learning for all...whatever it takes.

Learning for all…through high expectations, trust, respect, cooperation and dedication…whatever it takes to prepare students for the future.

Learning for all through respectful interactions, shared responsibilities, high expectations, and the belief that all learners are unique.

Shared Values

Girard School District Shared Values:

We believe that:

Students come first.

All students can learn.

All students possess unique skills and talents and have potential that can be developed and nurtured.

Education is a shared responsibility amongst students, educators, parents and community.

Trust and mutual respect is essential to the success of every student.