Girard School District is now taking facility requests online through our Community Use calendar and request system. You can enroll online and enter requests for after-hours facility usage by following these simple steps.


Requester Schedule Request Guide Instructions

  Login to FMX

Step 1: Open an internet browser and navigate to (

Step 2: Log in with the following credentials:

·         Email

        ·         Password

If you do not have an account, click the need an account Link and provide the required information. When finished select register.

 Create a Request (Shortcut)

Step 1: Click New request in the right top corner of the calendar page.


Step 2: Choose the request type you would like to submit from the drop down list (see picture below).


Create a Schedule Request

Step 1: Click Schedule Requests in the left sidebar, then click New request.



Step 2: Enter the required fields (marked with an asterisk) and click Submit to submit the schedule request.


Step 3: Check your email for your request confirmation and a link to check the status of your request. New requests will either be finalized or move on to a Pending state if they will be approved.


Edit a Schedule Request


Step 1: Find the schedule request you wish to edit (on the calendar or in the schedule requests grid), then click Details (from the grid) or click More info and then Details (from the calendar, see picture below).


Step 2: After making the necessary editing changes click Save.