1.      Successful implementation of Entry Plan for a smooth leadership transition

·         Listen and learn from key stakeholders: July-October 2016

·         Communicate: December 2016

·         Plan: January – March 2017

·         Lead: April-June 2017

2.      Develop consistency of processes throughout the District

·         Meet with various departments to identify levels of consistency within and across departments and schools.

·         Begin to create defined expectations across the district.

3.      Improve communications among all stakeholders

·         Evaluate effectiveness of current communication channels.

·         After investigating options for updating the website and the use of social media as communication channels, make recommendations to the Board.

4.      Gain better understanding of employment laws to enhance Human Resource operations

·         Participate in Human Resource seminars or courses to update knowledge of HR related laws and procedures.

·         Apply new learning to develop standardization in Human Resources processes.

5.      Improve College and Career Readiness

·         Evaluate the implementation of Career Education and Work standards.

·         Create an Advisory Council to assist in the development of career pathways at GHS.