Welcome to  the Girard School District Maintenance page. 

Our Goal is to

“Provide a safe, comfortable, attractive environment conducive to learning and the overall educational experience.”

I will be updating this site from time to time with news of upcoming projects in the district. I will revisit some of the larger improvements that have been made in the recent past. Please check out this site from time to time and feel free to contact me with any maintenance concerns you may have.

Brandon Chabola Maintenance Foreperson 774-5987

6/12/14 I have finally regained access to update our Maintenance page! It's going to be a busy summer for all district maintenance staff. With detail cleaning and preventative maintenance throughout the entire facilities. One main summer project will be to install the new electronic marquee sign at Rice Avenue and Yellow Jacket Drive. Please visit this page occasionally for updates.

1/23/10, Happy New Year slightly late. Just a quick update on our Energy Performance Contract. Building envelope sealing has been completed with a lot of positive feedback. Far fewer drafts and warmer rooms are leading the comments. Lighting changes are partially complete. The classroom lighting that has been done is being well received at RAMS. Still to come will be occupancy sensors and new gym lighting. Climate controls are very close to being completed. The GHS gym is now far more comfortable than ever. And much more protected from another frozen coil that destroyed our gym floor last winter. A new boiler at GHS has been installed. It will be up and running very soon. The size difference is quite impressive.

You can see an original boiler on the left and the new one on the right.                   

 The results?  Huge savings for Girard School District.

Homecoming 2009, The Utility Maintenance staff works hard to make the big game special.

10/13/09,  The latest news within the Maintenance Department right now is the start of an energy saving “performance contract”.  Construction is presently underway with no disruption to classes.

   Under the Pennsylvania Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (Act 77) we have entered into a contract with Siemens Building Technologies Inc which will save a large amount of both natural gas and electricity.

Per Act 77, this is a totally self funded project, meaning all costs are covered by the guaranteed savings generated by the many upgrades to our equipment and buildings. These upgrades have been engineered by Siemens Building Technologies. Siemens is using local contractors and suppliers where possible to help feed the local economy.

     It has been a long process to get to the actual construction phase. Many seminars and meetings were attended to make sure this was in the best interest of the Girard School District. The Pennsylvania Department of General Services strongly supports performance contracting with many state institutions taking advantage of Act 77.  These include municipalities, colleges, government buildings, and even prisons. Penn State University has completed performance contracts at several of their campuses, and have plans to continue at many more.

    By April 2010 the district will have many new upgrades throughout, including the sealing of building envelopes, upgrades or replacement of over 3,500 lighting fixtures, occupancy sensors for lighting, HVAC controls, and a new high efficiency boiler at GHS. The results of these improvements will be a yearly reduction of over 700,000 kwh of electricity and over 48,000 ccf of natural gas. While it is nice to save the money I believe the benefit to our planet and to future generations is the most important aspect of this project.



The amount of gas we will save would,

·         Heat 48 houses each year.

The amount of electricity saved would,

·         Power 75 houses each year.

Combined greenhouse gas savings are the equivalent of,

·         Saving over 7 acres of trees each year.

·         Removing 184 cars from the road each year.

·         Saving 6 rail-cars of coal each year.

·         Saving 2,333 barrels of oil each year


Turn down the thermostat, make one less trip to the store, turn off a light, change a light bulb to compact fluorescent. It is up to each and every one of us to make a difference no matter how large or small.




The summer of 2009 has flown by and seemed to be a few weeks too short! Many large projects have been completed in the District this summer. Stairs, sidewalks, and new playground equipment at EVES. RAMS gym has the addition of the famed“Yellow Jacket” in the center of its floor. Many new bulletin boards now line the halls of RAMS. Some major changes at GHS include 450 new lockers. These complete a two year locker replacement program (no more tiny cramped lockers). One old locker bay on the second floor has been the site of another change at GHS. Anew wrestling practice area is almost completed in that area. This allowed for a larger, better equipped weight room and fitness area to be added to the gym area. The baseball dugouts now have concrete floors and sidewalks have been installed across the grass island in front of GHS. Most of these improvements were completed by, or  involved district personnel saving the district a considerable amount of money. Girard School District is very lucky to have so many employees with such a wide array of talents and expertise. Everyone of them takes pride in their work and the Girard School District is the benefactor of that pride.      Please remember that all of these improvements were completed along with the normal daunting task of cleaning every building from top to bottom and performing maintenance to all of the equipment in those buildings. 

And do you know what the most common comment is to school district maintenance personnel from the general public?  “It must be nice to work for a school with nothing to do all summer.”                     If they only knew!