Positive Behavior Support

Have you heard about our three expectations?

1. Be Caring

2. Be Responsible

3. Be Respectful

These expectations are part of our daily life at Elk Valley.

The neat part of the program is that it calls for an acknowledgment plan. Children need acknowledgments. Research shows positive acknowledgments can create change.

Your child has the chance to get caught doing what we expect them to do. Our entire staff is equipped to give paper bee tickets to students when they do what we expect them to do. The students in turn place them (by homeroom) in a bee hive. They then look at the “Bee Exchange” and determine what they will earn. For example, 200 bees will allow them to eat in their classroom 400 bees will get an extra recess and 2,000 bees is a big surprise.

These expectations are part of our School-wide PBS system. It is a systems approach to discipline that emphasizes prevention, instruction on social skills, and data-based decision-making to both reduce problem behavior and improve academic performance.

Ask a teacher about it!