Welcome to Elk Valley Elementary! 

Elk Valley currently provides high-quality public education to students from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. Our school is well known in the community for being a fun place where student needs are our top priority.

Our school at a glance:
  • Provides free, half-day Pre-Kindergarten to all 4 year olds with a Girard or Lake City residence.
  • Has a variety of technology throughout the school to provide educational experiences of all types- Ipads, Chrome books, laptops, Kindles, and Promethean Boards.
  • Utilizes Science -It’s Elementary, as a core resource to teach hands-on science.
  • Provides individual instruction through a digital platform known as Assessment to Instruction, which is a hybrid tool for teachers to promote literacy growth.
  • Partners with Pennsylvania’s Keystone Smiles to host 4 AmeriCorps teacher volunteers to enhance the community.
  • Is the only Erie County school district that received the Striving Readers grant also known as Keystone to Opportunities. This project has brought in just under 1 million dollars for technology upgrades, additional staff and teacher trainings.
  • Understands what it takes to help teach all children how to read. Our primary teachers are in process of putting an Orton Gillingham approach in place to teach Phonological Awareness and the Code to all beginning readers.
  • Has a Learning Lab as a second physical education class that is full of challenging and engaging physical activities that many say are “Out of the Box.” This is a student favorite!
  • A brand new playground that even bring smiles to adults.

I could go on and on talking about the wonderful things we have to offer; but, you simply need to see it yourself. If you are a parent, or are in the process of deciding where to relocate and are researching schools please give me a call. I would love to take you on a tour.

Mike Trudnowski