From The Principal’s Desk…

I would like to welcome you to Girard High School. There are some new faces this year at Girard High School. We will be sharing some teachers between RAMS and GHS this year. Pulling dual duty will be Ms. Autumn Klimek in Family & Consumer Science, Mrs. Yvonne Conley in the Art Department, Mr. Bill McNally in Physical Education, Mr. Scott Hoover in the Math Department and Mr. Greg Stelter in the English Department. Work crews removed the skylights in the cafeteria this summer, and we painted the walls in the cafeteria, which brightened the area up, as it was needed. New parking lines will make it easier for student and faculty parking this year. The Health Center is open and our students can access doctor’s care right on the premises. Community members accessing the Health Center will not be able to enter the school, as there is a separate outside entrance for the community. All teachers that were moved last year to make room for the eighth grade class have been moved back to their original classrooms.

We started the fall extra-curricular activities on August 15th and the 2016 - 2017 school year begins on Tuesday, September 13th. This year we have added new courses like Leadership, Competitive Sports, Computer Animation, Video Editing, and Advanced Physical Education.  We will once again be offering Keystone Remediation courses in Algebra, Biology and Literature for students who did not score Advanced or Proficient on the Keystone Exams last year. Starting with the Class of 2019, students must score Advanced or Proficient on these Keystone Exams to receive their high school diploma.Students at Girard High School have many opportunities to participate in a variety of extra-curricular, cultural and athletic events during the school year. Girard High School is constantly being used by students, staff and the community for various activities and events. In addition to the school events, The Elk Creek Recreation Board sponsors many activities for adults & children of all ages. The communities of Girard and Lake City regularly take advantage of these many activities and events during the school year. Girard High school truly is the “place to be” in the Girard and Lake City area.

So plan on attending one of the many wonderful events at Girard High School this school year and you will be amazed at the talent our students possess on the athletic fields, musical competitions and in the theatrical productions that take place at Girard High School. They make Girard High School and the entire communities of Girard & Lake City proud with their accomplishments each and every year.