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posted Apr 20, 2018, 6:20 AM by Robin Seneta
From the Superintendent: 
On the afternoon of April 19th, PennDot announced they have refined the plans for the Rt. 20 bridge replacement in Girard to include one lane to remain open during daylight hours. For Girard School District and our community this is exceptionally good news.  We are no longer facing the rerouting of the majority of our buses and altered start and end times for our schools during the construction phase.
We were in communication with Parke Wentling the day after  PennDot revealed the plan to completely close the bride, eliminating all east/west travel on Rt. 20, at public meeting.  Since that time, Representative Wentling has been working with PennDot and was instrumental in the redesign of the project.   
Yesterday, Parke Wentling called me and we discussed  the details of the new plans, all of which benefit our District. On behalf of the School Board, students, faculty, staff and our families, I thanked Representative Wentling for his work on our behalf.