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More Caps and Gowns Mentoring Program at RAMS

The GSD, the Erie Together and Penn State Behrend have come together to provide a mentoring program for sixth graders at RAMS. Our current goal for the program is to improve academic, behavioral and social behaviors with these particular students by making a connection with a caring adult.  The long term goal is to increase HS graduation rates and for students to continue their educational pathways after High School.  

Numerous studies and research have proven that sometimes it only takes one caring adult to make a positive impact on a child’s future.  If a student has more than one caring adult in their life the chances of success dramatically increase.  We are looking for community members to act as mentors to students at RAMS.

2016 – 2017 Rice Avenue Middle School Mentoring Program 

  • More Caps and gowns Project
  • Rice Avenue Middle School has partnered with Erie Together and Penn State Behrend in order to create a mentoring program at Rice Avenue Middle School. The program currently is in year number two servicing sixth grade students.
  • There are 16 sixth grade students, 16 community mentors and 10 PSB college mentors currently involved in the program.
  • The PSB mentors lead weekly group sessions every Thursday from 10:55 to 12:20 during the school day.
  • Community mentors attend these sessions but also have the option of meeting with their designated mentee daily.  There are three time slots when a community mentor can come in to meet with their mentee.  It is great opportunity for the community mentors to come to Rice Avenue Middle School to meet with their mentor daily and/or weekly in order to build those much needed trusting relationships. 

Life skills and making a connection between mentee and mentor are the focus points. The life skills of listening, empathy, attitude, dependability, effort and respect are topics of discussion during our weekly group sessions and during the one to one time between mentee and community mentor. 

Here’s a quick link about our mentoring program.