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National Geographic Geography Bee

The National Geographic Geography Bee is a middle school competition for fifth through eighth grades.  Each Social Studies class competes amongst themselves for one slot by answering seven rounds of questions.  Each round has a different theme and the student with the highest number of correct questions moves onto the next level.  There is a tie-breaker round if classes have students with the same score.  The fifth grade has their own individual competition while the sixth through eighth graders move on and compete against each other for the title of school-wide champion.  The school-wide winner receives a medallion, as well as, their name engraved on a plaque hung in the RAMS office.  This student also takes a qualifying test to see if they can further themselves in the National Geographic Bee.  Last year RAMS had a student move on to the state-level competition, Sean Mitcho.  The Social Studies Department hopes for the same result this year for Gabe Messmer, our 2018 School-Wide winner.  Through this incentive competition, the teachers have observed a higher understanding of Geography throughout the grade levels.  It helps that our school district funds the competition and awards a district paid educational/cultural field trip.  Students can prepare for future Geography Bees with the “Quiz of the Day” at <nationalgeographic.com>.  They post ten new questions daily.


On March 23rd, our Geography Bee Class Champions watched an I-max movie titled “Aircraft Carrier,” participated in a lesson titled Skins and Skulls at the Rotary Pavilion in Presque Isle, toured the Tom Ridge Environmental Center through a scavenger hunt, and ate lunch at El Canelo.  (Lunch was provided by our generous Girard School District.)  Overall, it was a great day for everyone!  


Pictured from left to right starting at the top: 

8th graders – Jack Krahe, Devon Dovichow, Kayla Sharman, Maddie Casimiro, Branden Miller (Not Pictured – Dawson Hill)    7th graders – Amelia Heath, Deanna Andriyevskiy, Jasilyn Flowers, Shane Taylor, Cameron Eckart  (Not Pictured – Gabe Messmer)    6th graders – Ava Bennett, Avrey Markham, Nate Edwards, Austin Held, Keynann Nye     5th graders – Caleb Watt, Nathen Machinski, Jordan Wild, Paige Wernicki  (Not Pictured – Aiden Ramey)




The Girard School District is fully involved in making our students well-rounded citizens who appreciate the world around them, and most importantly, more aware of other cultures and countries.