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Jacket Pride

Jacket Pride

posted Sep 28, 2011, 7:23 AM by Bonnie McConnell   [ updated Sep 28, 2011, 7:24 AM by Robin Seneta ]

Jacket Pride


Jacket Pride is a School-Wide Positive Behavior Support framework.  This framework includes Rice Avenue Middle School’s leadership programs that recognize positive behaviors and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program which tries to prevent bullying behaviors.  Jacket Pride sets clear and consistent expectations for student behaviors and helps guide students when trying to make better choices in life.  Through the Jacket Pride framework, incentives can be earned by those students who make positive choices, while redirection, retraining, and consequences are used for students who make poor choices.




Jacket Pride Cards: 


·         Formerly known as RAMS Pride cards, Jacket Pride cards can be given to any student by any staff member in the building.  The student may be chosen for displaying any of the LEADER qualities, but each month there will be one emphasized.  


September – Listen

October – Empathy

November – Attitude

December – Dependable

January – Effort

February – Respect



To fill out the Jacket Pride card, the staff member needs to write the first and last name of the student on the top line, circle the letter of the quality that is being recognized, and also needs to sign their name at the bottom.  The staff member can also write a short explanation on the back of the card to personally let the student know why he/she is being recognized.  The card then needs to be turned in to Mr. Ashton’s mailbox.



One name will be drawn per grade level each Friday.  This student will choose a friend to spend time in the Student Lounge the following week.  He or she is responsible for scheduling this time by Monday.  Their friend must meet behavioral and academic guidelines as approved by administration.  It is the student’s responsibility to report to the student lounge on the date and time as recorded in his/her agenda.


Student Lounge:


·         The privilege of visiting the student lounge will be based upon our Jacket Pride cards and for being nominated as a Leader of the Month here at RAMS.  Each Friday, A Jacket Pride team member will do a random drawing of that week’s Jacket Pride cards, choosing one student from each grade level to visit the student lounge for the next week.  Students must sign up by Monday to reserve a day and time (during tutorial) for that week.   Students may invite one friend to accompany them to the student lounge, pending office approval.



Leader of the Month:


·         Each team of teachers will nominate one student per month who demonstrates four to six leadership qualities.  The team will complete the nomination form and turn it in to Mr. Ashton by the required deadline.  This recognition is one of the top honors a student can receive.  The form is sent home to the student as well as a letter from RAMS administration.


All nominees will be photographed together for The West County Journal and this photograph will be placed on a poster in the cafeteria.  They will each receive a leadership band, a letter of recognition, recognition at the quarter session assembly, and time in the student lounge.  One of the nominees, randomly chosen will receive a gift card.


Jacket Pride Day:


·         (Formerly Reward Day)  We have a special day here at RAMS at the end of the year when students are recognized for not being written up for any disciplinary reasons during the course of the entire school year.  The students are rewarded with a pizza party, activity day, and some time with friends.  These students are going above and beyond when it comes to being leaders at RAMS. 


Breakfast of Champions:


·         Students are rewarded quarterly for earning Principal’s Merit (straight A’s).  They receive a complimentary breakfast with Dr. Tracy, Mrs. DeMarco, and administration.


Quarter Session Assembly (School Wide):


·         At the end of each quarter, students are recognized for their scholastic and behavioral efforts.  A guest speaker addresses students on topics relevant to middle school philosophy.


Classroom Matrix:


·         Grade levels will develop common expectations to be posted in each room.  The overall goal is to provide clear and consistent expectations per grade level regarding the six leadership qualities of: LISTEN, EMPATHY, ATTITUDE, DEPENDABLE, EFFORT, and RESPECT.


Consistent Expectations at RAMS


      A large portion of Jacket Pride is the PROACTIVE approach to managing behaviors.

       In order for our students to be successful, we must be clear and consistent with our expectations.

       Each classroom will have a “Classroom Expectation” matrix.

       Each grade level created several expectations to place on this matrix.

       PLEASE keep in mind:


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