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Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program is a systematic approach to the early identification of students who are at risk due to drug/alcohol, mental health, or other problems. This program provides for intervention and referral of these students to appropriate services, as well as support for students returning to school after treatment. The ultimate goal is to remove barriers to student achievement and success.  The SAP team also works to prevent student problems through awareness campaigns, fostering a positive school climate, and a promotion of personal wellness in all students. Thus, SAP is an intervention, not a treatment program that integrates a process of information gathering, intervention, and referral through a team decision-making process. 

The core team is a trained group of school personnel that meet weekly to identify, intervene with, and motivate at-risk students into seeking appropriate help through SAP. The core team is also assisted in its efforts by core team liaisons from Pyramid Healthcare (drug & alcohol counseling) and the Achievement Center (mental health treatment).

How does the SAP Process Work?

  • STEP 1-  Referral:  A student is referred for the SAP program by a parent, school staff member, a team of teachers, or the student him/herself.  Once participation in the program has been recommended, written parental permission is obtained. 
  • STEP 2- Team Planning – Following the attainment of parental permission, the SAP team meets to develop a plan for the student that is based on data from sources such as:
    • attendance records
    • student grades
    • discipline reports
    • teacher input
    • guidance
    • nurse
    • parental interviews
  • STEP 3 – Intervention and Recommendations:  A plan is put into place to aid students in removing barriers to success.  Interventions may include: in-school mental health counseling with the SAP liaison from the Achievement Center, drug and alcohol counseling with Pyramid Health, and academic and/or behavioral monitoring and remediation.   You, the parent, are a vital part of this team!
  • STEP 4- Support and Follow-up:  On-going communication between school, home, and service providers is a key to ensuring resiliency and ultimate success in the program.  Referrals to community supports may be made when necessary. The SAP team monitors the progress of the student until discharge from the program can be recommended.  

How do I contact the RAMS SAP team?

If you feel your child may need help, call the school and ask to speak with one of the three contact persons for SAP that are listed below

  • Miss Ratkowski
    • School Guidance Counselor
    • 774-5604    x6302
  • Mrs. McCorrison
    • School Nurse
    • 774-5604    x6303
  • Mr. Ashton
    • Assistant Principal
    • 774-5604     x6301